Dave Schultz

After having already signed our son Jeff up for three pre-season hockey camps, I was less than enthusiastic when my wife showed me CHT's newspaper ad this past spring. I set it aside, got nudged daily by my wife to call and investigate, and after almost a week, I gave in and picked up the phone to find out what this new hockey school was all about. I don't say it often, but I'm happy my wife kept nagging me!

CHT took the time to meet with me, and then again with Jeff and I. They explained the program to us --the on and off ice conditioning, the nutritional education, the evaluations and testing-- and when we left, Jeff knew this was the hockey school he wanted to attend. He started training right away, and by the time the 7 week camp ended, his stamina, his physical conditioning, and his mental fitness were at a personal best, and he went into tryouts with a self-confidence I have never seen in him before.

CHT has a unique style of training and motivating their students (both kids and adults alike), that makes them want to push their own limits to achieve their goals. The excitement and enthusiasm is infectious, and the instructors bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the ice which they share with the students to help make them better hockey players.

How to put into words our appreciation for all CHT has done (and still does) for our son? No matter how many times we say thank-you, it just doesn't seem enough.

Terry MacLean

Just want to thank you for all the positive energy you share with my two sons (one bantam, one midget) at Complete Hockey Training.  You are making them better hockey players, and, more importantly, better teenagers.

There are lots of good hockey programs available but the primary reason my sons are in your program is that your actions speak louder than your advertising – you have a unique way of getting the kids to put out a huge effort, because they want to, and wanting to put out extra effort is what makes for success, both in hockey and in life.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.  It is great to have you in the Comox Valley.

John and Jennifer Hedican

We have two hockey players, a 15 year old daughter and a 13 year old son, who attended your 7 week program this summer. They enjoyed the challenge both on and off the ice. This is the first time the kids have wanted to continue parts of the dry land on their own and they would work together to do some of the drills at home to be ready for the next day. They appreciated the time you took to explain, one on one, when a drill or technique needed correction. They enjoyed being pushed to take it to the next level on the ice.

This was the start of our 15 year old daughter’s third year in hockey and she was always made to feel that her progress was just as important as the Junior A players on the ice with her. The amount of progress she made over the summer was terrific and she is very happy she was in CHT's camp. She tried out for the North Island Midget Rep team and skated just as hard, played the position just as well and worked harder than some other girls who had been playing hockey for 5 or 7 years already. It gave her a big boost in her confidence!

Both of our children are now in the Monday morning session because they enjoyed the summer program so much. One of them commented the other morning as we were heading to the car at 6:00 am; “I wouldn’t be getting up this early for any other hockey program!!” But they do get up without a grumble and they love it! I believe that the positive way the CHT teaches and also challenges the kids to try is the reason they get up so early without a complaint.

We have been very happy with CHT: it is like a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, that’s been added to the Comox Valley’s Hockey community. I heard many parents who had their children in CHT say how much they enjoyed CHT's program…..lots and lots of positive energy!!

David and Tammy Flood

Our 9 year old son participated in 5 weeks of CHT's 7 week hockey program. This being our first "hockey camp" experience, we were not sure what to expect. We were blown away! The instructors experience and ability speak for themselves, but it's their enthusiasm with the kids that really stand out. It takes someone with charisma and passion for the game, to make kids want to get up early 3 times a week in the summer. Not only does CHT teach them hockey skill, but teaches them how to become better athletes and people. They teach them proper nutrition, how to stay in shape year-round, great sportsmanship, team work and to not ever give up on yourself. Being a personal trainer, I know how crucial these elements are to be succesful in sport and in life. My son has started this season a much better hockey player and sportsman, and is VERY focused on achieving his dreams. The Monday Morning skate allows for him to work on his skill throughout the year and to keep the energy and enthusiasm going.

Our younger 6 year old son also took part in 3 weeks of the summer program. CHT has shown that they can work effectively with all age groups, by making it fun and challenging at the same time. CHT is establishing the basic skills and work ethic in a super fun way!!

Thank you CHT, for taking the time to help our children realize their dreams in a fun, positive way. We are looking forward to having them in your programs throughout the year 🙂

Shelley Murray

My son has played hockey for 8 years. He has attended several camps including CHT’s 7 week program. Being a new program you never know what to expect. Over the period of seven weeks my son got himself into fantastic shape, improved his game substantially and most importantly had a great time. I didn’t think it was possible to get kids to work that hard 3 days a week at 7 am over summer vacation and still have them laughing at the end of every session. The program promised many things from nutrition, hockey skills, individual attention, mental toughness and physical fitness…my son got all of that and then some but it is the things not mentioned that impressed me the most. Things like the drive and desire my son developed to be in the best shape he could be in, to believe and go after dreams and the confidence to do it, and a strong sense of pride in his accomplishments that I have never seen before.

The on ice time was outstanding; the individual attention my son and all the others received for each and every drill was second to none. CHT has an incredible ability to take the love of the game, knowledge, positive attitude and work ethic and infuse it into the kids. Every day my son came home totally stoked about what they did that day. How hard they all worked, the different equipment they used, the cool drills, all the new things they learned and always..ALWAYS something fun whether it was a game of football turned out to be a dip in the river. There was not one day that he didn’t come home chomping at the bit to go again.

CHT's genuine interest in the kids well being and achievement is astounding. A month after the 7 week program ended, my son fractured his clavicle in his second game with the Bantam tier 1 team. The next day CHT called my son to see how he was doing and offer their new facility (that wasn’t even open yet) to my son so that he could keep his physical fitness up and to work with the physiotherapist to rehabilitate his shoulder.

I can’t stress enough how fantastic the CHT programs have been. I have registered my son in every other program CHT has offered for the year and will be reregistering my son in the 7 weeks summer program. I highly recommend it for any child who loves the game of hockey or just wants to be the best they can be. It is BY FAR the BEST investment I have made for any sport my son has been involved in!

Sending a very heartfelt thanks for everything.

Jo-Ann, Kevin and Kyler McAllister

There were several new camps offered this year and we were happy when a goalie camp was offered in town. Then CHT camp came up on our email and we thought that since we were saving money on the traveling that we would put our Son Kyler into 2 camps. We emailed CHT to see what they could offer goalie’s and they were very enthusiastic about having a goalie, but were honest that they didn’t have all the specific training to offer goalies. We liked the all around training that was offered so decided it would be good.

It turns out that the 7-week program was all that Kyler talked about and he looked forward to it each and every day. It is definitely a COMPLETE training for hockey and life. When the Goalie camp came up Kyler was disappointed to have to miss some of the 7-week program so much that he went to the Goalie camp and the CHT training in the evening when he could. As parents I like the fact that CHT offers so much time and knowledge of hockey and nutrition that it kept our son thinking on and off the training days.

Kyler took some specific points that he needed to work on and CHT took the time to schedule that in the ice training portion so in fact the 7-week program is very good for our goalie as it taught him to challenge himself and we were all able to see the results. It is not only Hockey training but training for the body and soul.

See you all at the GYM.

Cindy and Ray

You need to know that Devon has started the hockey season with a committment/attitude we have never seen before. We have seen improvements that no other hockey camp has been able to produce! Our son has attend hockey camps every year in several different locations and numerous cost scales, this past summer was THE BEST investment we have ever made in our sons' hockey playing!

Some of it may be the age but my suspicion is that CHT Summer Hockey Camp is were the "rubber hit ice" so to speak. We would not hesitate to have our names associated with CHT or any other endeavour they offer in regards to hockey/conditioning and our son! Hockey is a big part of this family and has been for many years...

Our gratitude to CHT for taking the time to care for these kids, especially ours!

Stuart Garrood

It takes a special program and an extraordinary instructor to get a kid to get up at 7:00 am, three times a week, during summer vacation to be worked to his limits both on and off the ice. But that’s what CHT accomplished with their boundless enthusiasm and unique 7-week pre-season training program. Not only did my 13-year old eagerly attend those early morning skates, but it wasn’t long before my 11-year old demanded to do it too! They both had a great summer getting in the best shape of their lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally. CHT's program is all about positive effort, inclusion, and encouragement, and left my boys eager to attack the season ahead!

As a hockey dad, I dreaded the transition from PeeWee to Bantam facing my 13-year old. After all, he would be competing against 14-year old boys who would be bigger, stronger, and faster, and a year can make a big difference at that age. But my fears were put to rest by CHT's pre-season training program. Over the course of this 7-week program, I saw my son develop his physical fitness, hockey skills, and mental attitude to a level at which he was ready to compete with anyone. Above all, I saw my boy’s confidence grow as he was continually encouraged to strive for his best effort and not to fear failure. CHT believes that is OK to dream and even better to dream big and this positive attitude is truly infectious. And, if the proof is in the pudding, then CHT passes with flying colours, as my 13-year old survived every cut of the grueling (at least for the parents) tryouts to make the Bantam AAA Rep team!

Stuart Garrood

Our 3 sons, aged 7, 9 and 11 attended most of CHT’s summer Pre-Season Training Program this year. They enjoyed it greatly and would look forward to each session. Through CHT and their instructors enthusiasm, skills and patience, they all took their game and general fitness up several levels. They were thoroughly confident, physically and mentally, to start the hockey season this year and have continued to thrive since. The appreciation of what it takes to achieve excellence, via hard work, smart play and keeping an eye on long term goals has been invaluable, not just for hockey, but other pursuits. We look forward to further fun and development with CHT.