Christian Brandt

Nickname: Cringer 55
Left Wing
Cowichan Bay, BC
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The thing you quickly learn when doing these profiles is that every player has had an interesting journey to the Campbell River Storm. Christian Brandt’s story could be an “After School Special” (for you younger fans, we’ll explain later**). His parents were elite athletes, his father an East German who defected, Christian played three years in Sweden and last year, after spending a stretch as a scratch wowed at the Cyclone Taylor Cup.

Christian’s minor hockey journey started in Kerry Park. When he turned 14, the family moved to Sweden and he played three years in Modo (Ornskoldsvik). “My final year in Sweden, I played in the U16 league, which is the highest level for that age group. The European experience brought out my skills. Every Monday, Tuesday, they were ‘Skill Days’, we’d go around the cones, working on our shots. For me that’s where I learned a lot of my skills.”

Upon returning to Canada, he spent two years in Penticton with the OHA Prep team. That’s where he met Trevor Bottomley, Reid Wheeldon and Andy Stevens. “In my final year at OHA we won the Canadian Sports Schools Championship, it’s a year I’ll never forget.”

All his minor hockey experiences have created a skilled player. When you review most of Cringer’s goals he’s usually found the open space in the high slot and fired a rocket of a shot past the keeper. He believes his line mates deserve a good portion of the credit, “I’ve played with Aaron Brewer for two seasons, we have good chemistry and he makes my job easy. Between him and Carter Hikichi, who can find me in the middle, it’s good. We’re a depth line, we add secondary scoring which will help the team down the stretch.”

Christian had his share of ups and downs last year but through it all he kept it positive. At the Cyclone Taylor Cup he found his way back into the line-up and was the Storm’s leading scorer at the provincials.

In the offseason the 6’1”, 181 pound sniper worked hard. He changed his diet, dropped almost 20 pounds and worked on his foot speed. In the first dozen games of the season, he’s average a point per game and comes into the weekend #2 in team scoring behind Colin Blake.

“My goal for the year is to bring a championship back to Campbell River; the best fans in the league they deserve another championship.”

Christian is a 20 year old and after a successful final Junior season he’s hoping to go to college. Beyond that he hasn’t ruled out playing hockey internationally, “I can totally see myself playing abroad." 

**The “After School Specials” were made-for-TV movies back in the 1970’s.