Chase Anderson

Nickname: Chaser 33
Victoria, BC
Favorite Food:
Career Goals:
Police Officer
Hockey Goals:
Win Keystone Cup

“I’m the type of goalie that’s going to want to be in every night, I’m the goalie that wants to win, I’m very competitive, that’s why I love playing at this level and why I jumped at the opportunity to join the Campbell River Storm.”

                                                                                                                        Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson was part of a complicated three player, three team deal in early January. Chase was picked up from the Kerry Park Islanders for Matt Henwood and futures; as part of the deal, Josh Poland from Peninsula went to the Isles and for that the Storm also owe the Panthers futures.

Given the Islander’s record over the past two seasons, Anderson’s career save percentage is impressive; in 48 regular season games, 90.26% on an average of 35 shots per game. In his 6 career starts against the Storm, his percentage was even better, 91.60% on an average of over 40 shots per game.

Chase smiled when asked about his friendship with the other half of the Storm’s dynamic duo between the pipes Chris Smith, “I’ve known Smitty since we were 5 or 6, way back in minor hockey, I think he started as a goalie a bit earlier than me so I think he might have a bit of experience on me.” Chase was 7 when he first strapped on the pads with Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey.

As with many players, the 19 year old believes the Rod Brind’Amour is a special arena in which to play, “It’s the best atmosphere in Junior hockey altogether, 800-1000 fans every game, it’s great, they’re all loud, they’re real passionate about this team, it’s just a great atmosphere, it pumps you up!”

Although a member of the Storm now, he has great memories of his experience with the Islanders, “Kerry Park is a great organization, its run by great coaches, it’s a good room there; even though it wasn’t a winning team, we still had fun.”

Chase has goals for the season and that’s championships. He has his eyes set on the league, the Cyclone Taylor Cup and the Keystone Cup, “I feel we have a good chance to do that again.”

While most players will talk about their college plans after Junior hockey, Chase is already well into his post-secondary education journey. “I’m about 75% through my Criminal Justice program, so I have 6 or 7 more classes and can hopefully graduate next year." His long range plan is to become a police officer.