Brayden McCartney

Nickname: Carts 22
Campbell River
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College Hockey

“Growing up in Campbell River, it’s a small city but it’s definitely hockey driven. The people here support the Storm and all minor hockey teams. It’s great to play in a place where hockey means so much.”

                                                                        Brayden McCartney – December 13, 2016.

Brayden is a former Campbell River Tyee who is pleased to be playing in front of his family and friends, “I grew up here and it means a lot coming back for my 20 year old year to play where I first stepped onto the ice as a 2 year old.”

Carts was acquired from Comox Valley Glacier Kings in early December, where he was their captain. “I have nothing but good things to say about Comox, they were a great organization to me. I was always looked at as a leader there and I think the rookies looked up to me as a good hard-nosed veteran.”

Before his 65 games in a G-Kings uni, Brayden played a season in the NPHL with the West Sound Warriors, out of Bremerton Washington. “It’s definitely different. There’s not many fans and hockey is not a big deal down there. It’s more of an individual skill driven hockey, more about showcasing because there’s a lot of colleges from the states watching you play.”

According to Brayden, there were blessed with a great deal of ice time in Bremerton and the reason is interesting. “Down there it’s very different, the Junior hockey team owns the arena and we had access to the ice at all times of the day as long as a minor hockey event wasn’t going on. The Junior team runs the whole minor hockey program.”

In Comox, Carts was converted to a forward but in Campbell River he’s back where he likes to be, “I’m the kind of D-man that makes simple plays out of the zone, battles well in the corner and I’m kind of hard to get by, I’m a big solid defenceman.”

Wherever he’s played, he’s been a leader but that seems to be a common trait among former Campbell River Tyees. Jake McKenzie (Comox), Joe Gage (Westshore), Dom Kolbeins (Victoria), John Kretzschmar (Victoria ’15-’16) and Brayden have all worn the ‘C’. “We all come from a small community where hockey matters, we all had to work hard and show dedication to the game. I think coaches around the league noticed that. The leadership from the guys that grew up in Campbell River is great.”

#22 wanted to close this piece talking about how special it is to be home. “It means so much to just step onto that ice where I grew up playing hockey, to play in front of a thousand fans in my hometown, it’s so exciting.”